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Family Activities. . .

We at African Game Hunters are all about families!! A family that explores Africa together, stays together…

We offer everything you want, just tell us what you need and we will make every effort to ensure it happens.

Elephant back safaris

Experience Africa and the ultimate adventure quest, options available include education, interacting, touching and riding on the giants of the African Bush, the mighty Elephant. Walking past wildlife, high upon the mighty shoulders of the African Elephant, allows you to marvel at the world below.


Mama Tau

For centuries rumours of mysterious white lions had been circulating in South Africa. Legend said the white pelage represented the good to be found in all creatures.
Actually, the cause of their unusual colouration is a recessive gene which results in the white appearance, and is found in a very small number of captive lions.
Guided drives among white and brown lions are organized for a minimum of 3 persons, and will allow you to share these wonderful predators' intimacy in their natural habitat. Drives are lead by an experienced guide in a open car, and are an ideal outing in the bushveld for families and small groups.


Spa Indulgence

This Indulgence if designed for ultimate relaxation of the body and mind. Unwind in nature with animals around you and bird song for background music... Personal service and tranquility ensure peace of mind. Skilled beauticians and massage therapists offer a wide range of beauty and massage therapies.


Rhino Tracking

This exciting activity is a must for any nature enthusiast eager to get up close and personal with one of nature's largest mammals. With a local guide spend a day tracking; you will get a fascinating insight into the behavioral characteristics of these creatures. While walking you may also see many of the antelope, birds and flora that are part of this area.


The Lion Park

The Lion Park is neither a game reserve nor a zoo. It has been split into two areas – one area for the herbivores such as zebra, giraffe, and various plains antelope and other grass-eating animals, and the other area for the carnivores. The herbivores roam freely around the area and visitors are able to view the animals at close proximity at any time.

The carnivore camps, which currently house three prides of lions and a clan of hyena, are protected by barriers and fences to prevent the different prides from attacking one another. By nature, lions are protective of their territory and can become fierce and aggressive if other lions or prides enter their domain. The camps are therefore divided by two fences – each about three meters high and a few meters apart – and they conform to Gauteng Nature Conservation specifications