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Hunting with us...

African Game Hunters offers complete safari packages for experienced and novice hunters alike, whether using rifle or bow.

Hunting in Africa is like hunting nowhere else....
The primordial urge, the stunning scenery, the classic trophies, the smell and the birdsong, the everyday, the adrenalin and the joy....all combine to make your hunt and unforgettable experience....

African Game Hunters would like to share this experience with YOU - This is our passion!

Rifle Hunting¬†- All rifle hunting is “ Fair Chase ”, in the traditional walk and stalk method in conjunction with a fully equipped hunting vehicle.

Calibres to use - African game are hardier than their North American counterparts. We recommend you take the heaviest calibre rifle that you are comfortable with. A general purpose calibre .30 / 06 with 180 to 220 grain bullets are ideally suited for hunting most plains game but the .375H & H is perfect for the tougher species such as Blue Wildebeest, Eland and Zebra. Other good choices of calibre to bring along are .300, 7 X 57 and 270. A variety of rifles in different calibres are also available at no extra cost should you prefer not to bring your own.

A Typical Rifle Hunting Day

You'll be awakened early each morning by a member of the staff, who will bring you a pot of coffee or tea or a refreshment of your choice.
Once dressed, you join your professional hunter for breakfast, after which you will be loaded into one of our hunting vehicles to commence the day's hunt. When you have spotted the species of your choice, you disembark with your professional hunter and tracker, then proceed to walk and stalk your prey.Should you bag an animal in the morning, we normally return to the hunters camp for lunch. If you prefer to continue hunting, an impromptu picnic style lunch will be arranged. Dinner is taken in our outdoor thatched dining area next to a campfire. After dinner relax around the campfire before retiring to the comforts of your chalet for a peaceful and well deserved nights rest.

Due to the dense african bush, it is very hard to "walk and stalk", therefore we conduct our bowhunts from both static and mobile blinds which are well camouflaged and placed strategically near water holes. We also hunt from tree stands, which are situated along well-worn game paths to ensure maximum success. All hides and tree stands are placed to ensure that the average shot distance will be between 16 yards (15metres) and 24 yards (22metres).

Please contact us for custom made hunting packages and special offers.