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We offer some of the best hunting opportunities

African Game Hunters is a hunting outfit that operates out of South Africa and also hunts in our neighboring countries like Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
We are not bound by borders when looking for that special trophy; whether it be plains game or one of the dangerous "Big 5" trophy.
We have an extensive network of leading conservancies and concessions that allows us to provide you with your ultimate hunting safari.
Ethical hunting is of the highest priority to us, and this is strictly adhered to.

Rifle hunting

All rifle hunting is “ Fair Chase ”, in the traditional walk and stalk method in conjunction with a fully equipped hunting vehicle. Calibres to use - African game are hardier than their North American counterparts. We recommend you take the heaviest calibre rifle that you are comfortable with.

bow hunting

Due to the dense african bush, it is very hard to "walk and stalk", therefore we conduct our bowhunts from both static and mobile blinds which are well camouflaged and placed strategically near water holes.

Wing Shooting

There is a abundent species of bird available. The species most commonly hunted rage from quail and sand grouse to Francolin, guinea fowl and various species of dove and pigeon.


There are also different species of geese and duck to go after. The dogs we use are well trained, well cared for and a delight to work with.

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